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Filter Messages by Channel
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100209

The ability to filter messages by channel e.g.IQVM, MMS, SMS

Liner Rotations
New 1 subscribers Promo FR100208

When multiple liners are created for one campaign have an option that populates the liners into the schedule ensuring each liner rotates.

Merging Listeners with Different Phone Numbers
New 1 subscribers Promo FR100207
add multiple phone numbers to a user's profile (assigning one as their 'main' number).
Keyword Data under Campaigns
New 2 subscribers Promo FR100206

When a Keyword is attached to a Campaign the data for Keywords should be shared under the Campaign. Being able to convert entries into a List would also be a great feature.

Star List Entrant
New 1 subscribers Promo FR100205

When adding a Listener to a list have the option to star the Listener.

Bulk Awarding Winner Alert
New 1 subscribers Promo FR100204

When bulk awarding have a pop up/ display of all the numbers who have previously won a prize.

Prize History Detail
New 1 subscribers Promo FR100203

When a prize is being awarded the system currently displays the last time the listener won a prize. This will update will give a more detailed snap shop of all prizes won and when.

Unique Sender Messenger Report
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100202

Add the ability to only see unique senders in a message report.

Viber Integration
New 2 subscribers Promo FR100201

Integration with the Viber platform for inbound and outbound messaging, particularly for customers in parts of the EU where Viber is prominent.

View Sent Emails
New 2 subscribers Promo FR100200
Ability to view the full details (including message body) of outbound, bulk emails sent to winners from Audata Promo.