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Multi-component Prizes
In Development 5 subscribers Promo FR100063

Ability to schedule, award, and manage prizes with multiple components (for example, a cash component, and an inventory item component).

Live Reads
Completed 4 subscribers Promo FR100082

Ability to store, manage, schedule, and track delivery of Live Reads, in a similar way as Liners are currently.

Show Campaign on Payment Details Page
Completed 4 subscribers Promo FR100071

Show the related Campaign name on the Payment details view, as a link to that Campaign (without requiring the user to click through to the prize and then the Campaign).

Bulk Award 1.0
Completed 4 subscribers Promo FR100059

Stable release of the Bulk Award feature for awarding a single prize to many winners / phone numbers, or via a CSV file upload.

Manually Add Listener to a House Hold
New 3 subscribers Promo FR100093

The ability to manually add a listener to a house hold. E.g.someone is using their work phone and address but has also won prizes on their personal number and home address.

Sport - Commitment management and tracking
Completed 3 subscribers Promo FR100037

Ability for users to manage the commitment of each product sold to a client for a campaign, and track deliveries against the commitment to indicate the progress.

Filter payments by specific approval status
In Development 3 subscribers Promo FR100041

Ability to filter payments list view based on the approval status for a specific approval rule.

Facebook Messenger Support for Audata Messaging
New 3 subscribers Other FR100068
Ability for audiences to use Facebook Messenger for messaging with Audata.
Select Products for Sport Commitments
Completed 3 subscribers Promo FR100084

Ability to select which Product types are available for a Sport Commitment. For example, when assigning a Client to a Campaign (such as a Football season), you can select the products (e.g. Brand / Extended / Super Extended) that have purchased by that client, and only those products will be displayed in the sport tracker dashboard.

SMS replies from the same number
In Development 3 subscribers Promo FR100045
Use the inbound SMS phone number as the sender ID when replying to a message, instead of the default sender ID for the station.