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Multi-Instance Management
Completed 10 subscribers Promo FR100098

The ability to create / schedule liners, live reads, campaigns, clients and inventory across multiple instances simultaneously.

Multi-component Prizes
Accepted 7 subscribers Promo FR100063

Ability to schedule, award, and manage prizes with multiple components (for example, a cash component, and an inventory item component).

Liner delivery button in Contests (Studio)
Rejected 5 subscribers Promo FR100025
Ability to mark when a contest credit (Liner) has been delivered inside a Contest tab in Studio view, separately from when the prize is awarded.
Multi Instance Prize Activity Report
Accepted 4 subscribers Promo FR100182

The ability to see what prizes a listener has won across multiple instances.

Enhanced Audit Logging for Promo
Completed 4 subscribers Promo FR100133
The ability to see an activity log on instances to see which user has made changes.
Bulk Award 1.0
Completed 4 subscribers Promo FR100059

Stable release of the Bulk Award feature for awarding a single prize to many winners / phone numbers, or via a CSV file upload.

Manually Merge Listener Profiles
Accepted 4 subscribers Promo FR100158

Select multiple listener profiles and manually merge the information to create one listener profile. This will help detect when one person is using multiple phone numbers/ email addresses

Live Reads
Completed 4 subscribers Promo FR100082

Ability to store, manage, schedule, and track delivery of Live Reads, in a similar way as Liners are currently.

Time Specific Automated Msg Replies
Accepted 4 subscribers Promo FR100119

A way to tailor message replies and make them time specific including ability to create individual replies for time frame

Show Campaign on Payment Details Page
Completed 4 subscribers Promo FR100071

Show the related Campaign name on the Payment details view, as a link to that Campaign (without requiring the user to click through to the prize and then the Campaign).