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Events Ticket Fine Print Edit/Remove Ability
New 1 subscribers Events FR100221
Events Ticket Fine Print Edit/Remove Ability
Ability to Show/Hide Date and Time from Ticket Template
Completed 2 subscribers Events FR100218

Ability to choose per-event whether the ticket template displays the event Date and Time.

Audata Events Seat Assignment
Accepted 0 subscribers Events FR100211

The ability to assign seats to winners for seated events.

RSVP Capability
Accepted 1 subscribers Events FR100193

Implement RSVP for Events to help planners track event attendance.

Save Tickets to Apple Wallet or Google Pay
Accepted 1 subscribers Events FR100150

Ability for guests to save their Tickets to Apple Wallet ("PKPass") & Google Wallet.

Web Links for Tickets
Accepted 1 subscribers Events FR100149

Public URLs to display branded tickets in web browser with full sized QR codes, removing the need for guests with mobile tickets to “zoom in” to QR codes on a PDF for scanning.