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Keyword Data under Campaigns
Completed 2 subscribers Promo FR100206

When a Keyword is attached to a Campaign the data for Keywords should be shared under the Campaign. Being able to convert entries into a List would also be a great feature.

Prize History Detail
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100203

When a prize is being awarded the system currently displays the last time the listener won a prize. This will update will give a more detailed snap shop of all prizes won and when.

Unique Sender Messenger Report
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100202

Add the ability to only see unique senders in a message report.

Display partial profile/ listener details when replying in Messenger
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100199

When replying in Messenger, display partial profile/ listener details (name and suburb) to assist users.

Studio User Settings
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100195
Create a user settings option in Studio giving users the ability to customise how they view/use Studio.
Send new messages from Messenger
Completed 2 subscribers Promo FR100188

Ability to send new outbound messages from Audata Messenger (to any number), instead of just replies only.

Archiving Lists
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100186

Create the option to be able to archive Lists.

Preview Scheduled Day in Studio
Completed 2 subscribers Promo FR100184

Add a link in Schedule to preview the week/day in Studio

Note Section for All Shows
Completed 3 subscribers Promo FR100183

Create a section inside Studio that will display key messages for all shows e.g. concert presents, station tag lines. 

SMS/ Email Template Preview
Completed 2 subscribers Promo FR100181

The ability to preview an SMS/ Email template before it is sent to a prize winner.