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Ability to set Date Won on Prizes
In Development 4 subscribers Promo FR100217

The ability to set a "Date Won" on Prizes, separate to the Date Created on the Prize record. Prohibition Rules should take into account the Date Won, rather than the Date Created, if present.

Listener Enrolment by Campaign Report
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100214

Create a report that shows the % of listeners participating in the campaign who are new vs % existing.

Add ability to schedule items with a date selector
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100213

Add the ability to schedule items by using a date selector.

Audata Events Seat Assignment
Accepted 0 subscribers Events FR100211

The ability to assign seats to winners for seated events.

Filter Messages by Channel
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100209

The ability to filter messages by channel e.g.IQVM, MMS, SMS

Liner Rotations
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100208

When multiple liners are created for one campaign have an option that populates the liners into the schedule ensuring each liner rotates.

Merging Listeners with Different Phone Numbers
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100207
add multiple phone numbers to a user's profile (assigning one as their 'main' number).
Star List Entrant
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100205

When adding a Listener to a list have the option to star the Listener.

Bulk Awarding Winner Alert
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100204

When bulk awarding have a pop up/ display of all the numbers who have previously won a prize.

List option to not count lists as an awarded prize
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100197

In Studio when a listener is displayed it shows Last Won and includes list prizes but most cases people haven't technically won a prize. We need to create an option when creating Lists to not include entrants as prize won.