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State field as drop-down
In Development 3 subscribers Promo FR100112
Ability to set the State field (for countries where applicable) as a drop-down menu of options, ensuring a consistent data standard. For example, preventing users from entering VIC as "Victoria" in free text.
Hosted Form Links
In Development 2 subscribers Promo FR100107
Ability to create a hosted, shareable link to Forms with basic branding (instead of needing to embed the form).
Forms from Scratch
In Development 1 subscribers Promo FR100106
The ability to create Forms without needing to include the default Profile fields - so the Form could be built from scratch.
In Development 1 subscribers Promo FR100079

A new Aircheck object which can be enabled for radio customers. Admins would have the ability to configure what items should automatically generate an “aircheck”, such as Liner Deliveries and Prizes. Users would be able to view Airchecks, see those that are still required, mark off which ones have been completed, and upload audio if desired.

WhatsApp for Audata Messaging
In Development 1 subscribers Other FR100067
Ability for audiences to use WhatsApp for Audata messaging.
Multi-component Prizes
In Development 5 subscribers Promo FR100063

Ability to schedule, award, and manage prizes with multiple components (for example, a cash component, and an inventory item component).

Scheduled times on Liner view
In Development 1 subscribers Promo FR100056

On the Liner details view, show the times / quantity the liner has been scheduled (not just delivered). Show an icon or colour to indicate whether that scheduled spot was / has been delivered.

Update Contest comments for entire Campaign
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100053

When editing comments on a scheduled Contest spot, add the option to update the comments for all other contests for the same campaign.

SMS replies from the same number
In Development 3 subscribers Promo FR100045
Use the inbound SMS phone number as the sender ID when replying to a message, instead of the default sender ID for the station.
Filter payments by specific approval status
In Development 3 subscribers Promo FR100041

Ability to filter payments list view based on the approval status for a specific approval rule.