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Web Links for Tickets
Accepted 1 subscribers Events FR100149

Public URLs to display branded tickets in web browser with full sized QR codes, removing the need for guests with mobile tickets to “zoom in” to QR codes on a PDF for scanning.

Schedule View for Producers
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100148
The ability for some users to view the schedule but not be able to edit items
Bulk Delete Option
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100147

The ability to bulk delete scheduled contests/ liners so you don't have to delete individual items

Approved option for Inbound Messages
Completed 2 subscribers Promo FR100146

Ability to toggle messages as “Approved”, and an added User Permission to view Unapproved messages.

Hide Individual Winner Profiles from Publishing Page
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100145
The ability to disable specific Listener profiles from appearing on "Winner Publishing Pages" where they have won a prize or otherwise meet the criteria to have their name published.
Allow once certain amount of duplicate entries
Rejected 1 subscribers Promo FR100144
Limit the number of duplicate entries allowed on a list
Edit Schedule View
Rejected 1 subscribers Promo FR100143
Ability to show only certain week days in Schedule
Add Links to Digital Prizes
Rejected 1 subscribers Promo FR100142

Instead of a Digital Prize being a PDF the ability to add just a link to send to winners

Search function for Listener Profile Custom Fields
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100141
The ability to search for information within all listener profiles including custom fields. Eg Favourite Band info
Share Live Reads Between Instances
Completed 2 subscribers Promo FR100140

Ability to create and manage all Live Reads in a central "Master" instance, and share those Live Reads across other connected instances in the same Organisation, where they can then be independently scheduled and delivered.