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Studio Text Size Buttons
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100168

Buttons in Studio UI to toggle the Font Size smaller or larger for the users preferences. Remembers user font size preference after user logs out and back in.

Messages Auto-Refresh Toggle Remembers State
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100167

The "Auto-refresh Messages" toggle switch remembers previous setting after the user logs out and logs back in.

Reply Messaging
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100164
When replying to messages in Studio, show the latest messages from the conversation with the listener to give more context before sending a message.
Character Count in Template Editor
Rejected 1 subscribers Promo FR100163
Show a live character count when creating / editing SMS templates to help avoid messages being cut short by the message limit.
Saving Poll Results
Rejected 1 subscribers Promo FR100161

The ability to save Messenger Poll results and retain information on Audata Platform.

Inventory Variable Options
Rejected 1 subscribers Promo FR100160
Have the ability to divide concert tickets into location splits to make awarding prizes easier and clearer when multiple locations are involved.
Manually Merge Listener Profiles
Accepted 4 subscribers Promo FR100158

Select multiple listener profiles and manually merge the information to create one listener profile. This will help detect when one person is using multiple phone numbers/ email addresses

Shared Instance Poll
Rejected 1 subscribers Promo FR100157

The ability for Messenger Polls to only be displayed per user instead of per instance.

Listeners by Prize Count per month/ year
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100156
The ability to narrow this report by date range. At the moment the limit is 500.
View Filtered/Blocked Inbound Messages
Completed 2 subscribers Promo FR100154

Inbound Messages view scope to be able to view messages which have been filtered / blocked by a Message Filter.