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Events Ticket Fine Print Edit/Remove Ability
New 1 subscribers Events FR100221
Events Ticket Fine Print Edit/Remove Ability
Filtering the schedule
In Development 2 subscribers Promo FR100220
Filtering Schedule by particular shows to make it easier to view clogged schedule.
See all deliveries on Multi-instance Liners
New 1 subscribers Promo FR100219

Display all deliveries under multi-instance liners, including deliveries recorded on other instances.

Ability to Show/Hide Date and Time from Ticket Template
Completed 2 subscribers Events FR100218

Ability to choose per-event whether the ticket template displays the event Date and Time.

Ability to set Date Won on Prizes
Completed 4 subscribers Promo FR100217

The ability to set a "Date Won" on Prizes, separate to the Date Created on the Prize record. Prohibition Rules should take into account the Date Won, rather than the Date Created, if present.

Digital Prizing Listener notes
In Development 1 subscribers Promo FR100216
Ability to add listener notes to digital inventory to give descriptive information about digital assets/attachments to winners when redeeming a digital prize.
Bundle Prizes Ability
New 1 subscribers Promo FR100215
Ability to bundle multiple prizes to award to one winner so they aren't redeeming 10 separate prizes via 10 separate sms's.
Listener Enrolment by Campaign Report
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100214

Create a report that shows the % of listeners participating in the campaign who are new vs % existing.

Add ability to schedule items with a date selector
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100213

Add the ability to schedule items by using a date selector.

Collapsible Studio Sidebar
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100212

Make the Studio sidebar collapsible.