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HTML Listener Notes
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100083
Ability to use rich text or HTML in Listener Notes instead of plain text (e.g. to add clickable links, images, and formatted text).
Live Reads
Completed 4 subscribers Promo FR100082

Ability to store, manage, schedule, and track delivery of Live Reads, in a similar way as Liners are currently.

Sport Commitment Date Ranges
Completed 2 subscribers Promo FR100081

The ability to add sport commitments to a campaign (such as an AFL season) with a set date range, as opposed to for an entire campaign.

"Prohibited Until" variable in Templates
Completed 2 subscribers Promo FR100080
Availability of a "prohibited until" variable that can be used in Liquid templates in Promo (to display to winners if they are prohibited, and until what date, when they receive a prize confirmation email).
In Development 1 subscribers Promo FR100079

A new Aircheck object which can be enabled for radio customers. Admins would have the ability to configure what items should automatically generate an “aircheck”, such as Liner Deliveries and Prizes. Users would be able to view Airchecks, see those that are still required, mark off which ones have been completed, and upload audio if desired.

Configure From Email and DKIM
New 2 subscribers Platform FR100078

The ability to configure custom domains for sending system-generated emails (replacing the default noreply@(instance_subdomain), as well as generating DKIM keys for signing outbound email to improve deliverability when using custom domains.

Upload Liner Aircheck from Studio
Rejected 1 subscribers Promo FR100077
Ability for presenters to upload / attach audio to a liner delivery from the Studio view, so that they can save airchecks once delivered without needing to navigate back to the main user interface.
Colored Tabs in Studio View
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100076

Colored tabs in the Studio view to indicate the type of schedule item (Liner, Contest etc.)

Set “Paid” date on Payments
New 1 subscribers Promo FR100075

In addition to marking Payments as Paid / Unpaid, the ability for users (with resource-specific permissions) to set a Payment / Payments as Paid on a specific date.

Make bulk prize CSV exports asynchronous
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100073

Use an asynchronous task when exporting all prizes as a CSV from a Campaign or Inventory Item, allowing large numbers of prizes to be exported that can run in the background while not causing a timeout on the application end.