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Customize replies in Messenger
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100138

Customize replies as they arrive (fix spelling errors etc.)

Master List for national competitions
New 1 subscribers Promo FR100137

The ability to create one 'Master' list that multiple instances (stations) can populate data into.

QR codes for List Prize
New 1 subscribers Promo FR100136
Generate a QR code to allow people to register their numbers on a list? To put on a poster for example
Promo Inbox
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100135
A way to see what emails have been sent to prize winners
Duplicating Liners across multiple instances
New 2 subscribers Promo FR100134
The ability to create a liner in one instance and then duplicate it for multiple instances
Enhanced Audit Logging for Promoā€¯
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100133
The ability to see an activity log on instances to see which user has made changes.
Search for Listener across multiple instances
New 1 subscribers Promo FR100132
Have a way for people to search for Listeners across multiple instances such as Finance teams
Add 'Reason' to block numbers in Messenger
Completed 2 subscribers Promo FR100131

When people block numbers in Messenger give them the chance to add a reason so they remember why the person is blocked.

Duplicate Inventory Item across Instances
New 2 subscribers Promo FR100130

Duplicate a pre existing inventory item across multiple instances for national/ multi station promotions

OpenDyslexic Font in Liners
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100129

The ability to write liners with OpenDyslexic font to assit people with Dyslexia