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Automatic status for potential prohibited winners
Rejected 1 subscribers Promo FR100013

When prize is awarded, automatically detect whether the winner may be prohibited, or may be a duplicate of a prohibited winner, and assign that prize a certain status (instead of default status).

The status may be "requires review" for example, but this workflow can be customised as required using standard Prize Status functionality.

Prize expiry
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100012

Ability to move prizes, when expired (either set expiration date or a fixed default interval) to a certain status, and to be able to report on the value of prizes which are active vs. expired for accounting / GL purposes.

Ability to add station logo to dashboard
Rejected 1 subscribers Promo FR100011

Ability to add a station or brand logo to the dashboard to help prevent confusion when using multiple instances / brands.

Editing order of form fields
Accepted 1 subscribers Promo FR100008
The ability to edit the order of fields on Forms, including the mandatory fields.
Bulk Awarding Prizes
Completed 1 subscribers Promo FR100001

The ability to award a prize to multiple listeners at once.